New Video Showcasing My Glow Wheels!

Check out my latest remix: DAFT PUNK – DOIN’ IT RIGHT (C3R TRON MIX) and the awesome video I made for it. I tried to show how much fun it is to ride with cycle lights and glow wheels. They are definitely a head turner. I have enjoyed 3 generations of cycle lights and 2 sets of glow wheels. I would highly recommend joining the fixie community because these bikes are so much fun! I hope you enjoy the video:

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Check out my music video playlist. I also have to merge all the high definition versions from DJC0MM4ND3RMUSIC to my original account mattlampi. I included them in the playlist on the bottom. You can scroll down to them with the menu button in the upper left corner of the video. I would also recommend subscribing and checking out all the random funny videos on my main channel under the user name: mattlampi.